The CIC Multi-chain Bridge facilitates the seamless transfer of assets across diverse blockchain networks onto CIC Coin's wrapped version. This technology serves to enhance network liquidity while simultaneously mitigating the environmental impact of using coins, due to CIC Chain's 99th percentile energy efficiency rating.

In contrast to conventional bridges, our solution was constructed with a unique approach, which renders it impervious to exploitation. In order to trigger the bridge mechanism, transactions must be fully confirmed. Upon confirmation, all transactions become irrevocable and the corresponding data is transmitted to the bridged network.

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A bridge is a link between two or more blockchain networks that permits the movement of assets or information between them, while a gateway enhances the authenticity of transactions coming in and out of the blockchain.

All bridge assets are stored in a secure vault, which then triggers the mint mechanism on the other side. The assets you mint onto CIC Chain are minted to 1:1 ratio and each asset acts like a legal tender promissory banknote to redeem the asset on the other side. The only possible way to access those assets is to use the wrapped counterpart, ensuring your cryptocurrency remains safe at all times and holds the same value at all times.

Below is the based Architectural Framework of CIC Multi-chain Bridge with gate.